View Full Version : Replacing VX4400B Outer LCD Cover

July 20th 04, 06:50 PM
Well, it happened. I bumped something and broke the outer clear plastic LCD
cover on my VX4400. I did a search and found the information for ordering a
new one (4.89+.98 for the tape+tax, minimum order =$10, which is more than
the post said) and it is one the way. The order taker said, "Make sure you
take it to a Verizon technician. Many people ruin their phone trying to
replace this because the LCD underneath it is too fragile, Do not try to
replace it yourself."

Has anyone had experience replacing this? Is it really that dangerous to
do? If it will likely ruin the phone, has anyone had Verizon replace it -
and if so - how much did they charge?