View Full Version : Nokia CARK-91 ---> Motorola T720 Pro Install Car Kit

September 16th 03, 03:39 PM
I currently have a Nokia CARK-91 installed in my SAAB and it
integrates perfectly with the audio system wrt radio mute and ignition
sense. The only phones that still work with this kit are bricks
compared to today's newer, smaller phones.

I'm interested in getting a T720 and my provider has a good deal on
one with rebate.

I know I will likely have to do a complete rewire since I'm going to a
different vendor's car kit, but will I be able to reuse the "stealth"
antenna that I've got mounted on the subframe of the car? Will I need
an adapter for this? Can I expect the same level of integration that
I got with the Nokia CARK-91?

Thanks in advance,