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righty tighty
June 27th 03, 12:44 AM
"bobbybobbertson" > wrote in message >...
> anyone ever seen a qcp file converter for linux?
> thanks

What exactly do you mean by "qcp file"? Do you mean a mdm file? A
firmware upgrage file? A PRL file? Talk to me!


June 28th 03, 04:09 AM
Yeah. I ended up writing a script in Cygwin on my win box.
Still would like to get it for linux though. I saw a thread in a forum once
telling how to do it. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the link :(

"JRW" > wrote in message
> bobbybobbertson wrote:
> > Qucalcomm has a converter to convert .wav files to .qcp files, but it
> > works with windows or certian versions of unix.
> That's why I keep a Windoze product on at least on computer at home.