View Full Version : People that live near a time zone border beware!

September 18th 04, 05:17 PM
I was wondering why my peak minutes were being used when I made most
of my calls after 9:00PM, I live in Carrabelle,Fl which is in the EDT
time zone, turns out that my calls were being routed through a tower
in Panama City that is in the CDT time zone. So if I made a call at
say 9:08PM EDT time it looked like it was made at 8:08PM because it
went through the tower in Panama City.

The technician explained that it has happened only due to the storms
that we have had in this area but now I suspect this has been the case
since I have been using my alltel phone here, because I was being
billed peak minutes that I knew I had not used.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this especially someone near
a time zone border or maybe someone that is more techinally inclined
could explain it a little better.

Hi and Dry in Carrabelle,Florida thanks be to God!