View Full Version : New cell phone (Motorola 720) user questions

June 2nd 04, 02:42 AM
Computer whiz...cell phone novice/ idiot <lol> I've been forced by my
family to finally give in and get a cell phone. My husband is already with
Alltel so we just added me to his plan. I read all the messages with "720"
in the subject line. I see there is a 720gsm (global system communications
I assume). Is the 720g the same as the 720gsm? My model simply says 720.
I know I need a cable (don't know which one yet) to download pictures and
ringtones. The salesman at Alltel said there will be a charge for each.
Will any of the *FREE* sites for pictures and ringtones work with my model?
http://www.freewebs.com/siteofhimself/ talks of software one needs but it
looks like it's for the gsm model. Guess what I'd like to know is...is it
going to be possible for me to download FREE ringtones and can I download my
own pictures (that I've uploaded to the computer) onto my phone after
they've been resized and saved to the correct format? A quick look thru the
manual says nothing about "picture caller ID" (assigning a picture with the
caller). Not possible? Is this a good phone? Is there anything I need
to know about this model that I might want to consider upgrading? If I was
going to give in and get a phone, I really wanted one with a camera but (and
I should have known) to upload those pictures and/or send them to other
phones, was an additional charge. DRATS! Thanks for any information you
can share.