View Full Version : possible slick trick for alltel voicemail no airtime useage trick

April 18th 04, 06:43 PM
i am a new customer of alltel, i have national freedom 600 for 45.00 w
unlimited M2M

i noticed on my bill, when i check my voicemail using thier *86 it
consumes my peak airtime during the day, but if i call my own cell
number from my phone during the day, i still get my voicemail but it
bills as a M2M call thus it doesnot take away any minutes from my peak

just letting others know about it for thier benifit.

has anyone else had any slick tricks they have found with alltel?
such as freebies you can get when talking to customer service, or a
24/7 business customer service line, or anything slick.