View Full Version : PDA Portal for Connected Handhelds & SmartPhones

January 25th 04, 11:11 PM
What is the point of having a connected PDA if the web sites you know are
not formatted for the small screen and low bandwidth of a handheld?

The answer is www.PDAPortal.us

It is a directory of PDA-friendly web sites, meant to be used as a browser
home page on Palm, PocketPC or other PDAs and SmartPhones in wireless or
mobile Internet applications.

PDAPortal.us contains about 500 PDA-friendly web sites in 10 languages,
which can be accessed by category, popularity, alphabetical order, language,
or via keyword search. Additionally, users can search the web, check stock
prices and check the weather for any U.S. ZIP code.

Since its creation in the spring of 2003, www.PDAPortal.us has grown
substantially, in terms of coverage (number of PDA-friendly sites),
functionality and usage (hits).

PDAPortal.us is a personal, non-commercial site I developed for my own use,
given that I could not find anything similar available. Whenever I shared
it in discussion groups, I got strong, positive feedback. Many other people
had the same need and liked what I had put together. Therefore, I decided
to make it publicly available.