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  1. Re: dumb question
  2. Re: Re: Nextel's location-based services
  3. 24 hour customer care number
  4. Re: WEB
  5. Re: no more free SMS and paging!!!???
  6. albuquerque to texas DC working
  7. Re: Insurance
  8. Re: Minneapolis to Milwaukee
  9. Re: Jews travel big distance to rape others.
  10. So much for getting service with a business account
  11. Verizon Wireless not going to charge for LNP... ATTws already does!
  12. Re: Nextel phones for sale?
  13. Howdy
  14. Re: nextel i90
  15. I2000 Travel
  16. nationwide direct connect
  17. Can I delete 30 messages all at once on my i90
  18. Free ringtones
  19. Re: PTT, Direct Connect, Two-Way... WHY?
  20. Re: PTT, Direct Connect, Two-Way... WHY?
  21. switching plans
  22. Re: software
  23. Is it possible to send SMS to other countries/networks
  24. phones
  25. Re: ptt & other carriers
  26. Sprint's new PTT Phone
  27. Is there free ringtones for nextel?
  29. WTB ... Nextel and/or Boost Phones
  30. international wireless long distance rates real cheap, domestic at 2.5 CPM
  31. Re: need driver for data cable i90
  32. Re: Nextel honeymoon is over!
  33. 800mhz Compaq LAPTOP 128mb ram 6gb hard drive
  34. Nextel Direct Connect Question
  35. i95cl, Boost or Not??
  36. Re: nextel service question..Long Island NY
  37. Re: Nextel will jump over to Verizon
  38. Re: unlimited DC
  39. i90 i95
  40. Nextel's getting sued
  41. Re: apps & ringers
  42. bluetooth headset
  45. nextel software
  46. YARD SALE???
  48. Re: NEXTEL SPAMS its customers cell-phones!
  49. test
  50. Reporting Dead Spots
  51. Boost mini FAQ
  52. Re: Blackberry question
  53. does boost works on nationwide DC
  54. Nextel-User Forums Up-and-Running
  55. switch sim cards to new phone off ebay
  56. This message is for P Howard!
  57. Re: Problems? Nextel's Moments of Truth
  58. Re: Signal building penetration?
  59. youre all jackasses
  60. I have a i90, If I purchase a brand new i95cl off ebay will I just be able
  61. Re: Sim PIN locked out and customer care is closed. Help!
  62. i30 or i50
  63. Re: increase signal
  64. Good wireless games for I90
  65. Nextel Lawsuit-
  66. Using 95cl as Modem??
  67. Re: Problems? Nextel's Moments of Truth(carl)
  68. Nextel in Israel?
  69. I90c Disassembly and Reassembly Video
  70. nextel expanding coverage
  71. Re: nights and weekends?
  72. Re: How much is Nationwide?
  73. Nights and weekends
  74. I90c Video Assembly and Disassembly
  75. How to block a direct connect caller?
  76. Falcon Phones
  77. MPLS Market user in Chicago
  78. Is there a BINARIES group for NEXTEL DOWNLOADING ?
  79. Re: Annoying messages
  80. Sprint PCS sued by affiliate US Unwired
  81. i95 mods
  82. Re: Disable cell phone and just use DC / PTT ?
  83. Is it me or is NDC stupid for $10/month?
  84. problem with speaker key on i90
  85. Re: Who is happy with their cellular service?
  86. nextel in orlando
  87. Software Upgrade
  88. IDEN website?
  89. Where can I find the most recent update update for my i90c
  90. i90c-a Software
  91. nextel ringtones
  92. i95
  93. Verizons PTT handset.
  94. Re: Bluetooth
  95. Re: Nextel wrongly collecting undocumented millions from customers
  96. Re: Nextels Next Generation of Phones (pics and user manual forFalcon)
  97. Direct Connect
  98. Help! Blackberry 6510 upgrade to 3.6 results in WAP error!
  99. Mobile Phone Cables & Accessories
  100. Nextel stoops to a new low.....
  101. Re: checking pop3 email via wireless
  102. Nextel mainly business users
  103. Nextel /Boost Unlocking
  104. iM1100 Modem errors
  105. Nationwide now in Nashville
  106. drivers
  107. Nextel stocks?
  108. Do games on an i90 have sound?
  109. Nextel should be shaking in their boots
  110. Nextel PTT ettiquete
  111. i95 for sale?
  112. Re: i95cl & ringtones
  113. Coverage in Central Florida/Tampa Bay
  114. Re: Changing DC Beep
  115. Coverage In Connecticut
  116. P280 Phone
  117. Free Nights & Weekends No More?
  118. Re: Negotiating Price for Nation Wide DC
  119. new to nextel
  120. Night and Weekends
  121. For all those waiting for Verizon's new PTT service
  122. Re: New Phones To Choose From???
  123. Nextel's Strengths
  124. Housing for a i90c
  125. $#%^[email protected] iden software!!!
  126. Nextel Phone (I-90 or I95)
  127. Teen abduction foiled by cell phone camera
  128. Ringtones for i90c?
  129. Re: How Does Nextel Charge Customer Minutes?
  130. Re: Nextel Email
  131. Looking @ Nextel and have ?'s...Please HELP
  132. Fax and Page?
  133. Coverage around indianapolis and greenwood area?
  134. i95cl ... DOES ANYBODY KNOW ???????????????????
  135. Motorola i58sr phones
  136. Re: Real Time Usage Check now available
  137. Enter Special Code:???????????????? i85
  138. Re: Any place to get Nextel java software?
  139. Nextel ringtones...where?
  140. Carriers with multiple OGM for voicemail
  141. Nextel / iDEN Mac OS X iSyncing
  142. i85s - Security Code
  143. Comparing Phones
  144. Bobby Jones i99cl??
  145. i95cl can you change the bannerdisplay?
  146. voicemail
  147. Industrial Strength cell phones?
  148. i85 software update
  149. Vealots
  150. Re: copy sim card
  151. Nextel data cable (USB) w/ inline power
  152. iDen SuperAgent RSS
  153. Re: Nextel Charging Problems
  154. i58sr, lit while charging
  155. Nextel/iDEN Update Mac OS X VirtualPC, Win2000?
  156. new phones
  157. NEXTEL : Can you hear me now?
  158. Re: (OT) Nextel
  159. Nextel phones for sale
  160. Had insured phone Nextel's insurance agent refuses to replace phone
  161. SWAT movie
  162. Unthinkable: All Wireless Carriers
  163. Re: Bayonne, Nextel to start talks on antenna law
  164. Great location tracking service for my i58 cell phone with GPS!
  165. Free ringtones and wallpaper for the i95cl
  167. Re: New Hampshire coverage (or lack of it)
  168. Here comes VERIZON 'direct connect'
  169. Nextel phones for sale - IMMEDIATELY
  170. Nextel Insurance Question ?
  172. I90c charging
  173. adding ringtones & wallpaper
  174. Re: Verizon Wireless Launches National Push to Talk Service
  175. Nextels billing increments?
  176. For Boost Mobile users
  177. Debug Screen?
  178. *** One day after power blackout, we still have no service ***
  179. A reminder
  180. need to change Nextel Logo
  181. A funeral for a friend!
  182. i30sx vibration alert?
  183. diff between i90 and i95
  184. Re: What is the most annoying thing on Usenet
  185. Re: New York City 5 boros - Which cell phones worked
  186. New Nextel Phones?
  187. Verizon Wireless Competing Directly with Rival Nextel 8/18
  188. Re: Whats with all this hate?
  189. Free java apps?
  190. i95 will not connect
  191. I730
  192. How is coverage in Northern Illinois, especially Rockford?
  193. Re: Amazon Phones
  194. Nextel to use Wi-Fi to increase indoor coverage
  195. i95 Limited Edition Warranty
  196. Re: does nextel discount phones for trade in?
  197. Two-Way messaging headache
  198. i95 usb data cable
  199. i95 problem revisited.
  200. initial 15 Day Trial period ending-Sept 2nd, Whadya gonna do?
  201. Data options
  202. i95 Light
  203. Re: Using i90c as a modem
  204. Interesting Analysis on Nextel vs Verizon PTT and PTT in general
  205. Verizon PPT :-( No Way!
  206. NexTel Wins Hands Down
  207. any feedback about the i60?
  208. nextel buildout???
  209. iden update problem with serial cable
  210. REQ: Sound Effects
  211. Annoying beepers late night
  212. Re: Nextel, Verizon Wireless top customer survey, TMOBILE 2nd ATTWS 3rd
  213. Re: info: Nextel, Verizon Wireless top customer survey, TMOBILE 2nd ATTWS 3rd
  214. Strange Charging Problems w/ i85s
  215. Re: info: Nextel, Verizon Wireless top customer survey, TMOBILE 2nd ATTWS 3rd
  216. R85.01.01 software downgrade w/ serial cable
  217. Re: info: Nextel, Verizon Wireless top customer survey, TMOBILE 2nd ATTWS 3rd
  218. Direct Connect Delays
  219. Re: most annoying thing on Usenet
  220. Possible to downgrade from 1A.0A/19.00?
  221. Verizon PTT Commercials...???
  222. i95cl Setup Question
  223. Re: I grew up with Chris Calahan a.k.a. CCCC_1_CCCC
  224. Verizon PTT
  225. Re: when will new phones ba available??
  226. NexTel vs Verizon
  227. FS: re-furbed i90c
  228. Verizon PTT - The sales contact...
  229. PTT Landline
  230. Verizon Push and Wait to Talk
  231. Will service providers have good deals when WNP starts?
  232. Nextel vs. Verizon
  233. FS i60 and i90 phones
  234. Why is Nextel the only national carrier to not have a national coverage map on their webpage?
  235. Re: What's the cheapest plan for just a voicemail box ?
  236. Remember, it is just a cell phone
  237. Ebay: Brand New Nextel Blackberry 6510 - No reserve
  238. Did you see the commercial where the
  239. Thank god for Verizon's PTT
  240. Verizon PTT $59.99 per mo. -- Give me a BREAK
  241. Re: NEXTEL and their chicken-**** billing system
  242. FS: i700s
  243. question about transfering phonebook
  244. Re: Direct Connect interuptions
  245. I'm Cross Posting Again! VZN Needs Help
  246. Re: rate plan changes
  247. aftermarket batteries vs oem
  248. cellular suggestions for visit to ireland
  249. PTT Trade Marked?
  250. Extend America...Extending Technology to Rural Areas